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Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media. For an inclusive journalism against Islamophobia

The 11S 2001 attacks meant a negative change of trend in the media’s coverage of Islam and, consequently, the Muslim world. In recent years this issue has worsened with the wars in the Middle East, the emergence of terrorist organisations such as Daesh and the attacks in Europe, which, together with the rise of the extreme right, are creating clear risks of social rupture.

Each terrorist attack claimed by Jihadist groups brings about a rise in Islamophobia that has a dual effect: on the one hand, it is used by the extreme right to gain followers and, on the other, by the Jihadist recruitment networks to expand their popular base among those who feel unfairly targeted.

The Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media believes in the decisive role of journalism as a tool to break this vicious circle. The media, through its presentation and analysis of events, contributes to establishing certain ideas in the imaginary and generating specific social relations. By reporting, the journalist can awaken both a feeling of belonging and exclusion. We believe that when specific events are labelled and linked to Islam in general, part of our society can feel treated like «the others», those who do not belong to «our» society.

We believe in a journalism that reports responsibly, that fosters interculturalism and avoids generalisations that stigmatise the whole Muslim community and that can finally lay the foundations of a social fracture that only benefits violent extremists.

The signatories to this statement defend the role that good, accurate and balanced journalism, aware of its responsibility as an opinion shaper and establisher of imaginaries, can play in fostering an inclusive society.

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