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TheTIP International Seminar – Best Practices Against Islamophobia

The European TheTIP project explores theatre as a tool for fighting Islamophobia. It also wants to contribute to a more extensive line of study about the use of art to raise awareness, sensitise and denounce Islamophobia.

The project aims at supporting and developing spaces for interaction and debate between organisations, researchers, experts and people interested and engaged with the subject. Best practices and innovative models from all member States were collected through desk and field research to stimulate civil contribution and new policies to fight Islamophobia and discrimination.

The seminar’s objective: the conference aims to share and exchange good practices against Islamophobia implemented by different actors and organisations in Europe. Representatives from European entities and organisations will present their work. We will invite questions from the audience and a discussion after the talks.

Day: 20th September from 10am to 12.30am

Mode: virtual, Zoom


Inscriptions ininfo@patothom.org

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